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What Distinguishes Us

A Strategic Alliance

What distinguishes and makes Utility Engineers Corp. a progressive, cutting-edge consulting firm is our strategic alliances with renowned industry-leaders in the high voltage electrical space within Ontario, specializing in the construction of overhead and underground powerlines. Our customers are empowered by our strategic alliance. It gives us distinct advantages in the field as we are able to take advantage of complete field audit expertise and construct-ability reviews of our design in-house. This allow us to deliver turnkey results from initial scope package issuance straight to construction with minimal client support. We provide a comprehensive, 360-degree approach to developing your vision by giving you a full-range of engineering services for overhead and underground distribution lines.

Overhead and Underground Distribution

Engineering Services

Core Values

At the cornerstone of what we do, we conduct ourselves with honesty, integrity, accountability and transparency at all stages of the cycle.


People are the drivers of our company. We are always fact-based, proactive and value our employees and customers.

Our Vision

We shift the paradigm by thinking outside the box and injecting a fresh stream of ideas that will unlock puzzles.

Value-Added and Integrated Approach

Advanced Technical Solutions


Utility Engineers provides turnkey design, engineering and construction services, with a specialization in high voltage electrical distribution sector.


Utility Engineers aims to maximize operational output while staying within financial parameters.


We meet your targets by outlining the requirements, scheduling process, resource allocation, challenges and scope of the project. .


Utility Engineers prides itself on providing cutting-edge technical solutions that will increase profit margins and control quality performance in your environments.




We are staunchly committed to safeguarding and promoting the well-being of your staff and resources. We believe that good business and safety go hand-in-hand, and factor-in all your compliance obligations and legislative policies. We are proactive and work side-by-side with regulatory agencies in prioritize a risk-free and safe working environment.

Utility Engineers goes beyond the call of duty as we have created our own internal safety and supervisory procedures that expand on the Occupational and Safety Act. We thrive on the people who work for us and the customers we work with and we always want to ensure their always safe.




At Utility Engineers, our greatest asset and the backbone of our consulting agency is our people. Our solutions and capabilities are augmented by a professional team of experts. Our thought leaders provide you with actionable intelligence for expedited and improved decision making at all stages of your projects.

Our accelerated growth can be contributed to the quality of team interactions and exchanges we have on a day-to-day basis. We have successfully created an environment where we share information and brainstorm to bring about advanced technical solutions that will give you the edge.

The Process / Lifecycle

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We evaluate your goals, risks and challenges. We evaluate to take your project from concept to reality by collaborating and making decisions.

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We provide a 360-degree approach to developing your vision by outlining the work to be performed as we schedule, calculate budget and allocate resources.

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Through collaboration, we develop tailor-made solutions that aim to resolve. By pooling our resources, we provide you with a solution that meets your benchmarks.

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With due diligence, we deliver advanced technical solution in at timely and coordinated manner. We execute the game plan and ensure it meets stakeholders requirements.

Let's work together.



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